The Ultimate Guide to White Label Branding

If you know anything about dropshipping, you’ve probably heard a whole lot about white label branding. But just what is white labeling, and why should you care? In this blog post, we’ll answer this very question and walk you through how this custom branding option will help you build your brand and grow your business.

What Are White Label Products?

white label product is a generic product that a business buys from a third-party supplier or manufacturer and then resells to customers as if the product were its own. The end customer is not aware that any third party was involved.

If you work with a white label dropship supplier, you can avoid the hassle of keeping inventory and have your supplier ship products directly to your customers on your behalf. That way, you’ll never have to worry about the cost of warehouse space, supply chain, or goods that don’t sell.

white and black tshirts with white label hangtag that says your brand

Benefits of White Label Branding

It goes without saying that the ability to differentiate yourself from your competitors is crucial to business success. Adding a simple logo to your products can go a long way in helping customers connect with your brand. Here are just a few reasons why adding custom branding to your products works:

  • It gives your product a professional appearance. Nothing looks more official than your own logo on a product. People are much more likely to take your business seriously if they see your logo on a bag or a tag.
  • It establishes brand recognition. Logos easily remind you of the brand you bought your product from.
  • It strengthens brand loyalty. After making an initial impression, a distinct logo can help with customer retention.
  • You’ll need it to scale your business. As your business grows, you’ll need to satisfy customers immediately with a solution that doesn’t take up much time and money. Instead of developing new products, you can simply brand your standard products and build a thriving business, all at a low cost! Suppliers like us have the manpower and infrastructure to deliver these solutions more quickly as well.

yellow shirt and shoes with white bomber jacket in a polybag that says your brand

What’s the Difference between White Label vs. Private Label?

“White label” and “private label” are often used interchangeably. Both options allow you to sell products under our own brand, but there are clear differences between the two.

White label is when a manufacturer distributes a generic service or product, such as a blank white T-shirt, to multiple retailers, without making any fundamental changes to the product. The retailers can then sell identical products under their own brand. 

Private label is when a manufacturer distributes a product for one specific retailer. The retailer is then free to modify or add features to the product however it wishes. Private label enhances the retailer’s ability to distinguish itself from other products on the market.

Which is Better?

Both white label and private label branding options can help you build a brand identity and set you apart from your competitors in the marketplace, but if you’re looking for an easy solution, particularly with a print-on-demand dropship company, the white label route is much easier for a few reasons:

  • White label saves more time and money. You won’t burn through your budget as quickly investing a lot of time in proprietary designs and features, as well as fixed and labor costs that often come with private label solutions. If you’re looking for quicker turnaround, white label solutions are much faster.
  • It’s easier to build a brand with white label. You can still differentiate yourself from other brands with ready-made products. With Kin Custom, simply add upload your design and logo and volia! You have your own unique custom products.
  • Customer satisfaction is more immediate. White labeling allows you to keep customers satisfied by meeting their needs immediately with a solution that doesn’t take up much valuable resources on your end.
  • White label leaves you time to focus on growing your business. This is especially true if you work with a print-on-demand company. We handle the fulfillment, printing, and shipping, leaving you to focus exclusively on marketing and building your brand.

What White Label Branding Options Does Kin Custom Offer?

Many POD companies offer white label services, often with limited options that cost more. At Kin Custom, you can turn leads into loyal customers with custom branding sets for only $1.99 per product–the lowest white label cost on the market. 

So what all can you get for that incredibly low price?

  • Hangtag
  • Inner Label
  • Polybag
  • Packing Slip
  • Insole (for shoes)
  • Tongue (for shoes)
  • Box (for shoes)
  • Attached Label (for home goods)


leopard print shoes and shirt with shoebox and bag

How to Upload Your Brand Logo to Your Kin Custom Products

If you decide you’re ready to get started white labeling with Kin Custom, you’ll need to create an account and upload your designs to products using our Creator Studio design tool. Once you’ve done that, simply upload your brand logo in Creator Studio and the additional fees for white label will be automatically applied to your order at the checkout. See more detailed instructions below:

*Please note that all logo files need to be at least 1,000 x 1,000 px. 

1. Log in to Your Creator Studio Account

2. Go to Settings and click White Labeling

design tool navigation

3. Enter Your Brand Name, Check the Services Box, and Upload Your Logo

screenshot of white label generator in creator studio design tool

4. Click Submit.

Build a Successful Brand in Just a Few Simple Clicks

What are you waiting for? If you aren’t already white labeling your products, you’re missing out on a lot of great opportunities to get your brand out to more customers. Investing in branding your products can result in positive brand perception, which can lead to a chain reaction of events – positive word of mouth, more customers, and more opportunities to scale your dropshipping business!

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