Kin Custom How To: Create Custom All Over Color Merchandise [VIDEO]

It's the question we're asked the most: Can I change the background color of my product? The answer? Yes! And the best part? It's easy!

As long as the color is on the RGB scale and our simple artwork guidelines are followed, your design is compatible with all of our print on demand products.



How To Change The Background Color Of Your Product

Follow this step-by-step guide to change the background color of your product:

1. Review Kin Custom's Art Guidelines

You can review our Art Guidelines here. As you can see, we offer all the dimensions you'll need for every product available on our website.

For the best print quality, we recommend using the RGB color scale and at least a 300 dpi resolution.

shop shoes    black all over color mens french terry crewneck pullover


2. Open your graphics design tool or software

There are several graphics design tools and software that are available for purchase or for free. These design tools are your key resource to creating custom designs for your shop.

Once you have set the dimensions of your artboard, choose the color you'd like to set as your product's background. Save the file as a .jpg, .png, or .bmp in a location easy to find.

3. Upload your design into Creator Studio

Log into your Creator Studio account and click the "Upload" button, review and agree to our Terms of Service, and click Upload. Select your file and click Open. Once your file has finished uploading, you can hover over the design's thumbnail and click "Apply Design."

New to Creator Studio? Get a step-by-step guide here >>


4. Choose your Kin Custom product to design

We have a wide variety of products to choose from, including print on demand shoes, apparel, and accessories. Decide on a product with the correct dimensions in mind, and click the pencil icon to take you to our Design Tool


5. Design your apparel using the new background color on your product

You can create a simple monochromatic style like we've made here, or you can upload a vector or graphic to further expand your design. Play around using our mockup generator until you settle on the perfect creation, and proceed to finalizing your product.

BONUS: Add a design over your background color

Want to add a logo or pattern overlay onto your product? Simply go back to the "Design/Text" tab in your Creator Studio and upload an all over pattern or simple graphic to your existing design.

After you upload your custom designed apparel onto your storefront, show off your designs on Facebook or Instagram. Make sure to tag us using #KinCustomMade and we could publish your designs on our Facebook, Instagram, or website.

Print On Demand Shoes

As one of the only dropship suppliers to have print on demand shoes, we're always ahead of the game on the latest styles. Get your shop a step ahead by adding all over print shoes to your assortment. Click the link below to begin designing.

start designing custom shoes with yellow background