Step-by-Step Guide to the Creator Studio

1. Upload Your Design

You’ve worked hard to make your design, it’s time to upload it and make some custom merch! Make sure to read our artwork guidelines here to ensure you have the right sizes exported for the products you want to make.


2. Apply Your Design to Products

After you upload your design to the Creator Studio, you’ll see it on all our curated products. Choose the product you want to make and continue. Don’t worry, you can always add more products with your design later!

3. Name Your Product

Once you’ve made your merch, it’s time to get creative and name your designs. Make sure to put your best foot forward with some fun, descriptive names. The name you choose here for your design will be displayed in all your products using this design (you won’t be able to change it later, so put in some good thought here!). A good name will attract more customers and lead to more sales and more profit!

4. Set Your Margins

Kin Custom gives you the flexibility of setting your own margins for your merch, so YOU control how much you make!
This is how prices are calculated:
Base Price + Your Margin = Retail Price

For example:

$24.50  + 50% Margin ($12.25) = $36.75
In this example, your profit would be $12.25 for every product purchased!

5. Order Samples and Start Selling!
Once you’ve finished creating your merch, it’s time to start selling. We’ve given you several options to get started:

  • You can easily create your own Kin Custom shop on the Creator Studio! All your products will be shown on for anyone to purchase!
  • Export your created products to Etsy, Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, and all our other integration channels. Make sure to check out our Creator Academy within the Creator Studio to learn how to set-up these integrations.

Better yet, create shops on Kin Custom and those other channels to maximize your audience reach and maximize your profits!