Featured Creator: Vee Sanchez

Our featured creator of the month is Vee Sanchez, a Kin Custom creator and seamstress with unique prints and products that have been Kin Custom bestsellers! We took a look at Vee’s shop and social media presence to get some useful tips that have helped her drive sales. Read on to find out how you can implement some of these tips in the Creator Studio or on your own social media!

Vee’s Shop

Check out Vee’s store at veesanchez.kincustom.com. Her store has a shop banner with a very clean design featuring two of her prints. The shop banner is the correct size and her images are not compressed or stretched out. She also has a custom logo that represents her brand!

Vee Sanchez Products

The merch in her store is all named appropriately by the type of print, without any extra numbers or symbols. These simple, consistent naming conventions across her store build credibility and increases the likelihood a shop visitor will buy her products! She also has a number of different products and prints in her store so that shop visitors can browse and find something they like. If a shop has fewer than 20 products, it can look unfinished to potential customers, driving them away. Vee does a great job at making her shop customer-ready.

Blue Chile ShoeMonster Eye BagBlue Tri Travel Case

Social Media

Vee’s Instagram, @veesanchezdesigns, showcases her work and her merch for the world to see!

Not only does she post pictures of her prints, but also pictures of her merch with people wearing them, products on different backgrounds, and pictures of customers wearing her products! Take a look at some of our favorite posts by Vee for some inspo for your next post.

Vee Sanchez Pink Shoe InstagramVee Sanchez skeleton socks InstagramVee Sanchez Monster Bag Instagram

Are you ready to start implementing some of these tips from Vee? Get started today!

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