What Does It Mean To Be Ethical In The Textile Industry?

Claiming to be a sustainable company is more than just making things in an ethical manner. It’s in the way you treat your employees, it’s in your processes and it’s in the way you source your materials. So, when we say, we are an eco-friendly company, we don’t say it lightly. Everything we do, we do ethically.


Sustainability is not only about the products but the people that create them as well. Our CEO prides himself on making sure every member of the team has a space to bring their voices to the table.

By owning and operating each factory located in Quanzhou, China, it gives us the ability to monitor and control working conditions. Our team also works closely with SEDEX Members Ethical Trade Audit (SMETA) to ensure that our employees lead healthy, safe, and dignified lives. 

Responsible for maintaining ethical global supply chain practices, SMETA ensures that:

  • Work environments are safe and sanitary.
  • Business practices are ethical.
  • Employees understand their rights in their labor relationships.



When people discuss Eco-Friendly Manufacturing, the term ‘slow fashion’ will be top of discussion. Once upon a time fashion was all about mass production which caused a lot of textile waste. Slow fashion became the ecofriendly response to a world-ending issue. If I had to describe the Kin Custom process in creating products – its intentional, its ethical, its designed to minimize our waste and carbon footprint on the planet. 

According to Business Insider, fashion production makes up 10% of humanity’s carbon emissions and 85% of all textiles can be found at the dump each year. Those textiles will not decay.

We want to be remembered for the quality of products we deliver, not the waste we leave behind. Zero inventory and ethically sourced materials is how we eliminate environmental risks by getting rid of excess stock and mass production. There are no warehouses full of ready-made materials created by all these machines that may become waste. All of our products are handmade to order and crafted with the highest quality, ethically sourced materials.


Our preferred suppliers provide ECO PASSPORT by OEKO-TEX®️ certified ink and STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®️ certified material.

We also wrap handmade products in 100% recycled packaging, certified by the FSC, an organization that promotes environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial, and economically viable management of the world’s forests. 

Are you ready to begin your first eco-friendly apparel line with a sustainable Print on demand supplier? Look no further than Kin Custom.

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